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For a guy who claims to be “untouchable” and the “king of New York,” this rapper got a little more than touched early Sunday morning.

Rainbow-haired rapper Tekashi 6ix 9ine was pistol whipped, kidnapped, and robbed in Brooklyn, NY after leaving his music video shoot.

TMZ broke the story first, reporting that the “Gunmo” rapper had been ambushed in the drive-way of his home around 4;30 a.m. by three hooded gun men. He was then beaten unconsciously and dragged into the armed suspects car. While being held at gunpoint, Tekashi was threatened for his life if he didn’t agree to giving the gun men jewelry and money. The robbers drove him back to his home and allegedly stole $750,000 worth of jewelry and $20,000 in cash.

TMZ then released this picture hours later showing the rapper whose real name is Daniel Hernandez with a black eye and bruised cheekbone.

However, fans are questioning whether this is just a publicity stunt for his new single “FeFe” with female rapping icon Nicki Minaj because according to police reports the original story TMZ was given is different than the story police were given.

6ix9ine told police he was leaving a video shoot when a black truck hit him from behind and three armed men appeared. The men stole his driver’s phone and attacked the rapper enabling a kidnapping. The robbers then brought the New York native to his baby mama’s house where he was forced to call someone down to bring an undetermined amount of jewelry and cash. The narcissist rapper was able to escape where he fled to the 79th precinct which is only an 8 minute walk from his baby mother’s house. After talking to police, he was hospitalized at King’s County Hospital.

Tekashi addressed the alleged attack on his Instagram live where he says, “He’s just happy to be alive and able to talk to his fans.”

We are happy that he is alive and well, but karma is something else! Which story do you think is true or do you think this is just another clout-chasing story made up by the young rapper?


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