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Tamar Braxton Reprimanded By Delta Pilot For “Flying While Black”?



Tamar’s been taking some hits lately, but this one is definitely coming from left field.

Apparently, while on a Delta flight with her sister Towanda, Tamar was approached by the pilot who then proceeded to admonish her for not following the directions of the flight attendants. Luckily, Towanda got the whole thing on tape and shared it on her social media channels.

Delta got wind of the footage and sent this reply to Towanda…

While the video doesn’t give the breadth of the situation, Towanada replied in the comment section that the flight attendants mistakenly accused Tamar of being drunk because she had a blanket over her head while trying to sleep. She also claims both the pilot and the flight attendant were written up and she filed a police report on the incident.

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