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Michael B. Jordan is once again forced to defend his dating choices.

After denying profusely that he ONLY dates white women and exoticals (yes that’s a word … in the urban dictionary) MBJ is back in the hot seat with his Black female admirers, after photos of him vacationing in Italy with a bevy of Becky’s went viral.

In the photos the Black Panther star and his by good pal, Ridiculousness host Sterling Brim can be seen hanging out with a host of non-black women causing folks to dub the excursion as the “white girls only” boat party.

On Wednesday Jordan responded to the backlash with a clear response that while logical has some going “hmm.”

“Y’all are buggin’ … yes, I’m on vacation right now, okay? I’m traveling around,” Jordan said on the IG Live video. “News flash: it’s not a lot of black women in Italy, okay? It’s not, it’s just not. Sorry … I’m reading through the comments and sh*t, y’all tearin’ ya boy up. It’s too much, man. Y’all doin’ too much.”

He then went on to explain that he likes all shades of women. “I like milk, I like chocolate milk, I like almond milk, strawberry milk, you know the cinnamon toast crunch milk? That’s pretty good.”

Photos of Jordan with an almond milk other in at a night club in France also surfaced.

So we guess there are no Black women in France either. Ok Wallace.

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