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Kendrick Lamar made his acting debut on Power last night and he totally NAILED it … or at least that what folks think on Twitter.

In the new episode — titled “Happy Birthday” – the Pulitzer Prize winner played a crackhead named “Laces” who is dropping knowledge and speaks fluent Spanish, all while tryna get yo coins.

Ahead of the episode, Lamar shared a photo of himself in character to his Twitter account with the caption: “My name, is my name,” he wrote. “Ask me again, I’ll tell you the same #PowerTV.”

Folks could get a sense that his character was going to be powerful (pun intended), but no one was ready for K.Dot’s Oscar-worthy performance. During and after, people went in on Twitter giving the Grammy-winning rapper props … even comparing him to Denzel Washington.

Check out some of the reactions below.

Courtney Kemp — Power’s creator and producer — told the Associated Press the Compton MC’s relationship with 50 Cent played a key role in K. Dot’s appearance on the show.

“He and Kendrick … were hanging out and Kendrick said, ‘I’d really like to be on the show,’ and you know it goes from there. He’s really gifted, tremendously gifted. I mean it’s a total transformation. It is not a version of Kendrick Lamar that you’ve ever seen before. So it’s very exciting.”

After the show, Fiddy also tweeted:

So does this mean we will see more Kung Foo Kenny on Power? We sure hope so!

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