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For weeks since Drake released Scorpion and the #InMyFeelingsChallenge took off, fans have been trying to figure out who KiKi could possibly be.

Now she has responded, but it’s not THE Kiki … or at least we don’t think it is. R&B singer Keke Wyatt just posted a song on her Sound Cloud in response to the wildly popular Drake track, and she lets him know the feeling is mutual – she loves him too.

On the cover track Wyatt sings, after slaying an intro run:

Aubrey, yes I love you, and I’m riding
I will never ever leave from beside you
Cause I want you and I need you
And I’m down for you always

Wyatt who is friends with Drake, or has at least collaborated with him a time or two, also posted the song on her Instagram page with the caption: My “ KeKe Challenge” is to give my fans what they ask for…. Soooo here you go!!!!This is my response sugars 💋💋💋….. Check it out… Link in bio… #dotheshiggy #kekedoyouloveme

Honestly how crazy would it be if Wyatt is the actual Kiki in question. The two did look super cozy in this picture posted on her page back in March.

Wyatt is now single, since her husband abruptly filed for divorce late last year. That would certainly be a great plot twist.

In the meantime the Kiki witch hunt continues, with folks also thinking Canadian TV personality Keshia “KeKe” Chanté could be Kiki and this woman K’yanna Barber of Oakland, California.

A “credible source close to the situation” told  Complex that, the “Kiki” and “KB” mentioned in the track are (most likely) references to the same person. Barber, has tweeted about the track in recent days but hasn’t officially confirmed she’s the lady in question.

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