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Jay Ellis Isn’t Returning To ‘Insecure’? 4 Reasons Why We Think Lawrence Is OUT!



The Lawrence and Issa relationship drama was the crux of season one and two of Insecure, but was last season the end of their love affair?

Being the super sleuth journalists that we are, HH did some digging, some investigating and some lurking, to discover several clues that hint to Jay Ellis not returning to the hit HBO show. And as shocking as it would be for fans, we think life without Lawrence could actually work now that Issa is moving on — But, we digress. Back to the issue at hand, here are four reasons why we think Ellis has chucked the deuces to Insecure.

1) Lawrence is no where to be found in the 2-minute extended trailer for season 3.

2) Where’s the love? Just one look at Elli’s Instagram and you quickly realize that he shows no Insecure love anywhere. No trailer … No pics … Not even a mention as of May.

3) Where in the world is Jay Ellis? He was an absolute no-show for the InsecureFest premiere party on Saturday, but everyone else from the cast was in attendance. Jay’s IG bio literally says he’s “MIA” aka “missing in action”, but he’s not missing, he’s globe trotting with his Becky boo! Jay’s girlfriend Nina Senicar has happily played photographer during their vacation and apparently Jay is doing the same. While he hasn’t posted pics of the two together, all you have to do is check out the Italian models IG to see, that clearly they just passed the camera to each other and snapped away.

4) Check his resume! No, literally, go to Jay’s IMDB page and you see that he’s only listed for season 1 & 2 of Insecure … no mention of season 3. However, his co-stars all have credits listed for this upcoming season. Things that make you go hmmmm…

What do you guys think? Is Jay out or in?

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