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T.I. is the King Of The South, so it’s only right we asked the 37 -year-old rapper if he took his Ant-Man and The Wasp co-stars to some of his favorite places down in Atlanta while they were filming.

“They wouldn’t let me,” he said with a grin. “I think there was some sort of insurance clause or something. Nobody would let anybody hang out with me.”

Tip does own the Atlanta strip club V-Live after all … so it would have been a pretty hilarious to see him and his co-stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily and Michael Pena, up in club making it rain.

“I asked him once, I said ‘Tip show me around the town, take me to some of the places you hang out,’ and he just started laughed,” admitted Rudd.

“Me and Mike did hang out a little bit,” added T.I. “He was the only one willing to bend the rules and get out. But we had so much fun on set we probably shouldn’t have.”

In the film T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) reprises his role as Dave, one of Scott Lang’s best friend’s and business partner’s, who along with Pena and Dave Dastmalchian help bring in lots of laughs.

Meanwhile Rudd (who suits back up to play Ant-Man) is balancing fatherhood and saving the word. Lily returns playing the Wasp while her father Michael Douglas plays Dr. Hank Pym.

Ant-man and The Wasp hits theaters July 6.

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