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Denzel Washington Is Begging For Kobe & LeBron To Work With Him: “Neither One Of Y’all Have Called Me!”



Look, LeBron and Kobe, don’t come playing in the Hollywood sandbox without checking in with the big dawgs first!

Sports stars are really taking over Hollywood these days; none more than Kobe Bryant with his recent Oscar win and LeBron James joining the Lakers squad and crushing it with his Springhill Entertainment production company. But, while the NBA giants are crossing-over to the big screen, some of the La La land legends — namely Denzel Washington — are wondering why they haven’t been tapped to team up.

HH caught up with Washington and his Equalizer 2 director, Antoine Fuqua, during the junket for the high impact sequel, and talk quickly turned to Bron Bron becoming a Laker. While Denzel is excited for James to add to the stellar legacy of the Lakeshow, he had to call him out about all the meetings he’s been taking with Hollywood heavyweights like Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Fuqua, but has yet to set up time to meet with him. Washington was also pretty irate that Bryant hasn’t made his hotline bling yet either, shouting at the camera, “neither one of y’all have called me.”

And while, yes, the two future hall of famers haven’t reached out to Uncle Denzel just yet, at least we can expect a LeBron and Antoine project in the near future. Check out the interview below to find out what it is!

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