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Cardi B Claps Back At Ex Manager — Run Me My Money!



Mo’ money, mo’ problems…

Just a few months ago, Cardi B’s former manager, Klenord Raphael (aka Shaft) sued the raptress claiming he was left out in the cold after helping Cardi get red-hot. But, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper isn’t taking the suit laying down, she’s actually counter-suing stating that Shaft exploited her and tried to “maintain complete control over her … even attempting to control her personal life, telling her who she should and should not see romantically.”

In the lawsuit, filed in New York’s Southern District, Cardi claims that shift Shaft gained her trust, cut off her contact to friends and family, then had her sign contracts that were described as “grossly unfair,” “highly one-sided” and “highly favorable to [Shaft].”

The pregnant rapper also claims that Shaft used her funds for “personal travel, entertainment and expenses.” Bruh!

The worst part may be the allegations that Shaft took a 20 percent fee as her manager — TWENTY PERCENT! Plus, he convinced Cardi that a deal taking 50 percent of the royalties from her work with Atlantic Records was the industry standard.

The suit calls the conduct of Shaft and his companies “an egregious and reprehensible breach of all trust and confidence placed in them” by Cardi. And for all her troubles, Cardi wants $15 million from him.

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