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Bow Wow Is Ready To Quit Life, Give Away All His Money & Work At GameStop



Bow Wow is having yet another social media meltdown, but this time it may benefit your pockets.

After a fulfilled weekend with his boo in the club, the rapper (?) was called out by a follower who claimed she also saw him the club boo’d up with another chick. This set Bow off!

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of his Twitter tirade. BW, a.k.a. Shad Moss, went on to not only blame the girl for being a lurker, but also took his anger out on the “blogs”.

Then he decided enough was enough.


Oh, and if you were excited to see him on the upcoming So So Def tour, don’t hold your breath.

Now, although it looks like Bow may be losing his mind, we think he’s doing all of this for attention and promotion — think Kanye West circa just a couple of months ago. Moss dropped a video for “Pu**y Talk” a few days ago and thus far it hasn’t gotten much love, but now that all eyes are on his profile it should help boost numbers. We’ll even post it here, (you’re welcome, Shad.)…

Also, after going HAM on Twitter all morning, he slyly posted this.

Well played, Bow Wow, well played.

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