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THIS Is The One Thing That May Make Serena Williams Retire…



Serena Williams loves to hit the tennis court — obvi — but there’s one thing she loves more … motherhood!

The tennis champ definitely wants to have more kids, but it sounds like it may be to the detriment of her stellar career. So are we saying good-bye to Serena forever?

“We’ve got to have more [kids]. I don’t know if I want to play if I have another baby,” Williams told InStyle for their August cover story. “I need to talk to Alexis. We need a plan.” The new wife and mom went on to say, “If I weren’t working, I’d already be pregnant. I hear everyone’s different, but I had a really easy pregnancy until the birth. Not even birth — after.”

If you remember, Williams had a traumatic post-birth experience, revealing she suffered a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot in an artery in the lungs) which required immediate surgery and six weeks of bed rest.

But thankfully, the sports icon is back, better than ever and not retiring anytime soon. “I sneak away to practice, usually around 8 a.m. The only rule I have at practice is to be done at 1 p.m., because as much as I love tennis, I need to be with her. I want to put her above everything else I’m doing, so I take calls when she naps,” Serena told the mag.

Check out a little behind-the-scenes footage from her photoshoot for Instyle‘s first-ever Badass Women issue!

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