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Terry Crews says he will not be silenced and is continuing his fight to help those like himself who have been the victim of sexual assault.

“I’m actually next week going to stand in front of the senate, next week about addressing the statue of limitations, and getting a bill of rights together for sexual assault, and rape victims that will really change legislation, I’m not playing, I’m taking this all the way to the top, this is what I was put here for.”

HipHollywood caught up with Crews at the premiere for his new film Sorry to Bother You to find out how his life has changed since filing a sexual assault report back in October against his former agent Adam Venit. 

“This stuff doesn’t go away, when you are talking about very very evil people who want to get away with some stuff,” explained the Flint, Michigan, native. “I’m always looking over my back I’m always watching, but I have no shame, I’ve done nothing wrong, there is absolutely nothing for me to be afraid of.”

Venit, who works at William Morris Endeavor, vehemently denied the allegations and at one point allegedly threatened Crews to drop the case before it was rejected by an L.A. city attorney.

Meanwhile, Crews’ career is showing no signs of slowing down, with his TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting picked up by NBC and flicks like John Henry with Ludacris hitting theaters next year.

“My thing is, I have to be as vocal as possible, because all of sudden, if everybody sees my career drop off, everyone will know who did it, so my thing is to stay vocal, stay in the public eye and never stop.”

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