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While everyone is happy to see the return of their favorite family of supers, one character women, especially black women, are eager to see when Incredibles 2 hits the big screen, sadly won’t be visible.

After the trailer for Incredibles 2 dropped, fans realized that Frozone’s wife, Honey, once again, would only be heard, not seen. After stealing the show in the first Incredibles, we thought surely we’d see Honey (voiced by actress Kimberly Adair Clark), but that’s not the case.

So what does Sam Jackson, who plays Lucious, a.k.a. Frozone, think about that?

HipHollywood sat down with the veteran actor about his vivacious on-screen wife to find out what he thinks she looks like. “She looks like you,” Jackson replied before elaborating. “She’s very confident and sure of who she is and what she wants, and I love that about her.”

Director Brad Bird told HipHollywood that they initially intended for Honey to be seen, but then decided to just use her voice.

“She’s funnier as a voice,” he said. “We actually went through all the trouble of designing a character and the design appears in the movie but not as Frozone’s wife,” Bird said. “We have used her design and she is a hero but there’s not a lot of screen time though.”

Jackson said he didn’t push Bird to include a visual of Honey but is hoping Frozone and Honey get their own spinoff.  “Maybe they will do a short and call it Super Suit,” he joked.

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