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“Power” Exclusive: Is Dre Going To Die? Is Raina Really Alive??



A lot happened in season 4 of “Power”, which lets you know, even more is in store for season 5!

The hit Starz show returns on July 1st and fans are eager to see what will happen with the new alliance between Ghost, Tommy and Kanaan. More so, folks want to know if their vendetta towards Dre will end in his death. That’s precisely why when Rotimi stopped by HH we had to ask the fate of his character who is now the biggest villain on the block!

We also caught up with Donesha Hopkins — the actress who played Raina — and asked if there was any chance the young starlet would be returning. Her answer may surprise you!

Power returns for season 5 on Starz, Sunday, July 1st.

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