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Toni Braxton looks all kinds of amazing these days, but now folks are wondering if it’s all natural or all needle. Just last week the 50 year old mother of two posted a sexy photo of herself sitting in a car with the caption, “Vibes.” But instead of  hearts and praise hand emoji’s fans pointed out that her nose looked different and asked if she had more plastic surgery.

“Leave your nose alone Toni, not to be offensive… You’re gorgeous. You don’t have to do anymore..” said @goals_n_guapp.

“Did she get work done on her face? Specifically nose job?” said @prettybrowngyrl.

Braxton has admitted that she had rhinoplasty in 1993. Now her sister Towanda Braxton is explaining why her face may have appeared different in the photo. Braxton, told TMZ  that because of lupus, Toni had been on and off steroids and isn’t allowed to have any synthetic substances in her body.

Toni has lupus. So when you’re on lupus, you take steroids. And with the steroids it fluctuates your weight. Sometimes she has to be on steroids, sometimes she has to be off steroids. So it fluctuates the weight. And because she has lupus she can’t have anything foreign in her body. So Toni can’t get Botox, she can’t get any of that because it’s synthetic. Anything synthetic can make her sick.

Braxton herself hasn’t yet responded to the rumors, but she did make a point to step out looking fab at the for the SAG- AFTRA Foundation screening and conversations Q&A for her film Faith Under Fire.

Camera’s caught Braxton rocking a mega watt smile, a red lip and bone straight locks as she supported her Lifetime film.

She also showed off her cute figure in an Esteban Cortazar dress, Gucci heels, and Norman Silverman diamond bracelets.

Oh and of course there is that gigantic canary yellow engagement ring, her fiance Brian “Birdman” Williams put on her finger.

We certainly thinks she looks fabulous and is aging quite gracefully, but you let us know what you think in the comments below.


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