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Nicki Minaj Is Getting In Bed With Ariana Grande



Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are teaming up yet again … and this time may be even sexier than the last.

The two superstars dropped “Side by Side” in 2016 and now, just two years later, Ariana has announced that they have TWO new singles up their sleeves.

“ten days til the light is comin & my album preorder,” Grande announced on June 20th. That track features Ms. Minaj and will be on Ariana’s upcoming album. Then the pop star posted this on IG, “Bed out Thursday #Queen @nickiminaj i love you forever & ever.” “Queen” is in reference to Nicki’s album due out August 10th.

Along with a few more snapshots…

Are you excited for these new projects?

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