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Lil Kim just pulled a Mariah Carey and we can’t take it.

While on the red carpet for the launch of Paris Hilton’s new BooHoo collection and the folks at Entertainment Tonight caught up with her to ask a couple of questions about hip hop and female MC’s Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and she had this hilarious response.

“Cardi B is my  girl, I don’t know the other one, but Cardi is my girl so I’m soooo excited for her to have the baby,” she said before screaming. “I love you Cardi.”

We’re not sure if the ET reporter knew about Kim’s cold war with Onika and asked the question anyway, or was she clueless (like many mainstream outlets) about the goings on in Black cultural and the hip hop community?

Either way, Kimberly seemingly is not letting the beef die.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 20: Paris Hilton and Lil’ Kim attend the x Paris Hilton Collection Launch Party at Delilah on June 20, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for )

She did however gush about her friendship with Paris Hilton and said there is no bad blood between herself, Pink, Mya and Christina Aguilera even though so many years has passed since they all recorded “Lady Marmalade” together. 

“A lot of times when you have success with a group or a record, a lot of times the girls aren’t speaking or no one is in contact with each, all of us always speak,” she proclaimed.

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