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Jesse Williams just got hit with a massive child support bill, and we honestly didn’t see this one coming.

After already being ordered to pay his estranged-wife Aryn Drake-Lee $50,695 per month in spousal support, a judge ordered that he also pay her another $50,000 a month in child support.

Williams, initially asked the  court to reduce the money he contributes towards the care of their children, Maceo, who is almost 3, and Sadie Williams, 4, but apparently the judge wasn’t feeling it. Apparently after they combed through  his earnings and assets it was deemed that he raked up an ‘extraordinarily high income’ from Grey’s Anatomy earning more than $521,000 a month.

But folks on Twitter were not feeling it, and an all out debate ensued.

One user tweeted a photo of man in shackles in a court house with the caption: Jesse williams at the courthouse trying to convince the judge to reduce his Spousal support.

But others felt like Williams’ ex-wife was untitled to that amount a month considering she held him down before his career took off.

@FiddleStackss wrote: Lmao the funniest shit about y’all talkin shit about Jesse Williams ex is the fact that she invested in that nigga when he had nothing. Literally funded his acting career till it took off. She’s entitled to that bread

Williams wed Drake-Lee, a real estate broker, in Los Angeles in September 2012. At the time, they had been dating for over five years. They first met while Williams was working as a teacher in New York.

After five years of marriage, Williams filed for divorce in April 2017.

The court ordered Williams to begin paying Drake-Law $50,629 in child support — the first half due on July 1 and the second on July 15.

What are your thoughts? Does Aryn Drake-Lee deserve over 100k per month. Or is the amount excessive?

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