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The day thotty dudes have been waiting for has finally arrived, but it may not be what they were expecting.

Fashion Nova debuted its men’s collection today, but most men aren’t feeling the pieces. A quick scroll down Twitter revealed that most men and women thought the line was pretty awful and per usual the dragging began.

Apparently men were expecting cool track suits and separates like the ones offered to the ladies. That’s right—guys were craving two-piece matching sets, rompers and silk. But instead, they got T-shirts that read, “Meme Lord” and “Tag me in memes so I know it’s real.”

One fashion lover, said: “It’s just like boohoo and F21 Men; the only difference is the price tag. … The way they were promoting it, I thought they would go all out.”

Another said: “I was expecting more heat from fashion nova men’s. I expected bright colors, skin showing, rompers, silk shirts, THE WORKS.”

Honestly I thought the idea of Fashion Nova doing menswear was hilarious and had low expectations. But, now that fans and the internet have spoken, maybe they will do a relaunch with some sexier looks for the guys. 

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