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Does Trey Songz Still Sing … Or Just Collect Lawsuits?



These days Trey Songz seems more likely to end up in court than a concert…

It seems as though Songz is going through a bit of a rough patch, and unfortunately, it’s manifesting itself in the form of various lawsuits. This time the singer is being accused of roughing up one of his fans.

A woman claims that while she and her cousin were in the parking lot of Vanity Grand Cabaret last year in Philly, Trigga Trey got made because they were attempting to get a photo of him. That’s when he allegedly grabbed and twisted the woman’s arm and wrist. According to the lawsuit, the woman claims the episode sent her into a depression, one in which she received psychiatric treatment. Also, all of that grabbing and twisting could leave her with “cosmetic disfigurement.”

The woman is suing for medical expenses and other damages. The cousin, who was the one who actually tried to snap the pic, sued Trey in December for up to $50,000 for smacking her phone out of her hand and into her face, ultimately breaking her glasses.

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