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Damon Dash has had enough of Lee Daniels not making good on his payment plans.

Just one day after putting the Empire director on blast for never paying him back the $2 millions he loaned him to finance his “dream of being a director” Dash has slapped Daniels with another lawsuit … this time for $5 million.

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According to reports this suit is over the Executive Producer credit Daniels promised Dash he would receive for the Richard Pryor biopic. According to the docs, Daniels promised to give the Roc-A-Fella mogul the EP credit along with 5 percent on Daniels’ backend profits … but that never happened.

As previously reported, Daniels bailed on the project after signing on to write, direct and produce.

According to Dash this is his M.O.

In the video posted to his Instagram page, Dash puts Daniels on notice that he will be suing him AGAIN if he doesn’t get paid soon. Daniels seemed to agree he was in the wrong.

If you recall Dash sued Daniels in 2014 over an alleged loan that he never got back. In 2015 the two reached a settlement agreement BUT Daniels still hasn’t paid up.

At this point we totally understand Dash’s frustration. We just don’t know if he had to roll up on him at a Diana Ross concert. And who was taking the video, then edited it and added subtitles? We have so many questions, but the main one is: Lee when you gone run Dame his money?


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