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It’s been almost 10 years since Andrea Kelly filed for divorce from husband R. Kelly. Now the former dancer and reality star is opening up about the abuse she faced while married to the R&B superstar.

While appearing on TV One’s Sister Circle, Kelly unapologetically detailed the instances where she claims the R&B singer physically abused her, and her tearful account is gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking.

She started by recalling herself asking for answers, pleading, “God, I need an answer today, not tomorrow, not in an hour, I need it now and the first thing God told me, He said, ‘Grab your laptop,’… and once I grabbed the laptop, He said, ‘Put in domestic violence.'”

After sharing that she was “not the teeth missing, broken bone girl,” she shared some words that served as even a shock to herself. “I kept scrolling and at the end of the domestic violence awareness website, there was a questionnaire,” she continued, with tears streaming down her face. “There were 17 questions and they ask you, ‘Has your abuser ever done…?’ Of the 17, Robert had done 15 to me.”

Among all of the women who have recently come forward in protest against R. Kelly, detailing instances of abuse, Kelly had remained silent.

She told host Syleena Johnson that she finally had the strength to talk about all that she endured and can now be a voice for those women who feel silenced.

“I was not strong enough. How can I be a voice for the voiceless when I don’t even have my own?… So, I had to wait until God said, ‘OK, daughter. It’s time,” she said.

Andrea also revealed that she contemplated taking her own life, because the abuse had gotten so bad.

“I remember going out on the balcony, we were at the Wyndham Grand Bay Hotel, I’ll never forget it, in Coconut Grove, she recounted. “And I had one foot propped up against the wall and I had the other up on the ledge and I remember looking down, and it was almost like God was able to let me see into the future and I saw my body laying in blood and I saw the ambulance and I saw house-keeping come out and they were pointing she jumped from up there.”

The former Hollywood Exes star was married to Kelly from 1996 to 2009 and had three children with him. So far, R. Kelly has yet to respond to Andrea’s story, but has rebuked the recent accusations made against him by several women claiming he physically and emotionally abused them.

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