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50 Cent, Jamie Foxx & Omari Hardiwck Teach “Power” Star Rotimi How To Deal With Insta-THOTs



These days THOTs are pretty tempting. They slide into your DMs, send you naked pics, “randomly” show up wherever you are — they’re conniving, scheming and slick. But luckily, Rotimi knows how to block their tricky tactics.

The handsome “Power” star stopped by HH to discuss all the juicy deets about the upcoming season of the hit Starz show — which we’ll bring to you next week đŸ˜‰ — but he also revealed his DMs have been popping since gaining major notoriety as Dre. So, how does he avoid becoming the next sad tabloid story? With help from his “Power” fam Omari Hardwick and 50 Cent, plus a little advice from Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. Helps to have friends in high places, right?!

“I’ve been schooled by the best of them,” Rotimi revealed, “I’ve been schooled to kinda be just smart about that.” Thankfully, the triple-threat (actor/singer/producer) realizes, “we’re all a screenshot away from getting caught up in something, so I try to move as smart as I can.”

Kudos, Rotimi … don’t let the temptation take you down!

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