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What Exactly Did Kanye Say To Charlamagne During Their Hour-Long Chat? Full Interview Here!



It’s here. And it’s long.

Kanye West sat down with Charlamagne the God for a 1-hour and 45-minute conversation about the controversial rapper’s latest stunts and shows. Grab your popcorn and digest this … we’ll be back in a bit to discuss the highlights.

2 hours later…

Ok, we’re back and there’s a lot to digest. Here are the highlights.

1) Kanye’s breakdown was somewhat triggered by the Taylor Swift incident, but was exacerbated by his belief that he was being controlled by fear. He’s still on meds, but won’t reveal which ones.

2) Ye hates the thought of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill because it’s a constant reminder of slavery.

3) The fact that Jay Z and Beyonce missed his wedding still seems to bother him … although he says he’s “past it”. He never once asked Jay why he didn’t come.

4) At one point he completely lost his confidence, but it has since returned.

5) Kim’s Paris robbery shook him to his core and also contributed to his breakdown … which he calls a break-through and admits he’s happy it happened. Although, his hospital stay was traumatizing and he thought he would be killed when he was left alone without his friends.

6) The interview took place before Kanye’s Trump support ignited Twitter, however, Ye still discussed why he supported The Donald mostly equating it to the fact that Trump did what others believed he couldn’t

7) He’s still pretty butt-hurt that President Obama called him a jack-ass.

8) He doesn’t know if Trump actually cares about Black people.

9) He doesn’t seem to really trust his Kardashian/Jenner in-laws.

10) He’s building a community of homes on 300 acres of land and plans to build an entire city.

There’s more, much, much, more, but we’ll let you explore it below.

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