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Watch Ya Back, ‘Ye! Daz Dillinger Calls For Crips To F– Him Up On Sight



See, this is what happens when you play too much. Kanye out here stanning for Trump; meanwhile, folks plotting on his takedown.

Since ‘Ye and his polarizing political views have taken over Twitter, many of his friends have attempted to talk some sense into him — to no avail. But rapper Daz Dillinger is taking a different approach … a life-threatening one. Basically, The Dogg Pound MC is calling for Kanye to catch that fade from the Crips.

In a video featuring Daz, and his impressive talent of balancing a blunt on his lips while talking, the rapper basically describes feeling betrayed by Yeezy saying Mr. West, “sold us out, cuz.” He also calls for a “national alert” and states, “all the Crips out there, y’all f–k Kanye up.”

Honestly, we’re not sure how seriously to take this threat. Daz seems pretty sincere, even giving ‘Ye perameters on safe zones telling him to stay put in Calabasas — But then he prohibits West from coming to California. Hey, Daz, that’s physically impossible (Calabasas is in California) … we Kanye needs more clarity.

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