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The Truth Behind Jada Pinkett Smith And Gabrielle Union’s Awkward 17-Year Feud!



They were never besties, but they sure were friendly — that is, until they weren’t. Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union finally sat down to discuss how their friendship dissolved into almost a frenemy.

It’s easy to see how Gabby and Jada could have been homegirls. Union starred in “Bad Boys II” with Jada’s hubby Will Smith, both women are accomplished actresses and they have tons of mutual friends. But, unfortunately, none of that was enough to avoid awkward run-ins and uncomfortable forced hugs.

Luckily, after 17 years of pettiness (Jada’s word, not ours), Pinkett Smith finally said enough is enough and invited Union to her “Red Table Talk.” The women openly discussed their lack of friendship, dealing with other women in Hollywood, being people-pleasers and so much more. In regards to their personal situation, the two contend that they’re not quite sure what happened, but as Gab described it, “it was like a Gorilla on my back.” In addition, the “Being Mary Jane” star revealed that she was a real-life mean girl due to lack of self-esteem. It really is insightful … take a look below.

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