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T.I., Marlon Wayans Heated Over Houston’s Restaurant Assault + Call For Boycott



T.I. is fuming and Marlon Wayans is in utter disgust — the two entertainers are teaming cup to call for a boycott of Houston’s restaurant after two women were assaulted while at the establishment.

It started when three young ladies asked to use the restaurant’s restroom as they were closing. They were granted access in, but shortly after a security guard by the name of J. Guzman entered the women’s restaurant and physically dragged one of the women out, pushed her into the bushes in front of the building and assaulted her while “detaining” her.

The woman, who has been identified as Brittany Lucio, suffered various injuries, which prompted Marlon Wayans to post this impassioned message open his Instagram page.

Do you see what a security guard named at HOUSTON’S restaurant did to this young lady’s face? @britt_lucio @asiahepperson and or no other women, child, man, should be treated like this no matter what skin color they are. What the fuck is this the 1950’s? Is this the proper way to treat a woman? Somebody’s daughter? Damn sure not the way to treat anyone i know. This is DISGUSTING and DISTURBING. @troubleman31 posted the videos and I’m reposting. I’m officially BOYCOTTING this play. Anyone with a heart a voice and a platform should spread the word and hear the call. HOUSTON’S is to be BOYCOTTED. And this ain’t y’all first offense either. We can’t stand for shit like this. If u stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything. #boycotthoustons Y’all RT REPOST SNAP FACEBOOK or whatever else you got to do to spread the word

T.I. also had a message, one in which he delivered via video.

I SAID WHAT I SAID!!!!! It’s UP!!! 🖕🏽ya

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The rapper has a close connection to Houston’s; He previously had discussions with the restaurant’s owners after an incident at a different location in which workers kicked out a group of black female customers. He had called for a boycott then but lifted the ban after speaking with the establishment.

Safe to say this time the ban is probably here to stay.

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