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Ray J and Princess Love have finally showed the world their new bundle of joy. The happy couple shared the first pictures of their daughter Melody Love Norwood with OK Magazine.

In an exclusive interview with, the 37-year-old singer and his partner of seven years, 33, also opened up about their difficult 28-hour labor, life as first-time parents, and what fans can expect from their VH1 baby special.

“I didn’t know I was that much of a crybaby,” admitted Ray J. “I was up for a day and a half before because I was just so excited. We went to the doctor for the last check-up and they said it was time to go in, everything I prepared for didn’t happen. I watched the whole thing, it was so emotional, a life-changing experience. When I first laid eyes on our baby I was crazy in love, she heard my voice and just connected with me.”
“I wanted a natural birth, I’m not afraid of pain,” added Princess.  “I went 27 hours until my epidural, but I was barely dilating, I wanted it over with. I tried for as long as I could, I’m okay with that. The doctor didn’t tell me until the next morning, but the cord was wrapped around her neck and feet and in a knot. She was stuck, her heart rate was so high, but they didn’t know anything was wrong until they took her out, she didn’t cry at first, but thankfully she was okay and weighed 7lbs.”
Princess also revealed how they came up with the name Melody.
“I wanted to name her London Love — Lolo! But I also loved his song Melody. It sounded like he could have been talking about his future daughter. I thought I was going to have a boy and would have named him Princeton, but [we’ll] definitely have more babies.”
Ray said both his mom and Princess’s moms were in the delivery room, but sister Brandy hasn’t met the baby yet.

“Brandy hasn’t met her yet, everyone has to have their shots and stuff, I am paranoid at the minute,” he explained. “When she’s back in town I’m sure she’ll run over, we’ve sent pictures, now we’re just waiting for the right time.”

And, in a surprising announcement, Ray J also shared that he plans to move his family to London.
“I want to be consistent in being there for the baby, and we’d love to move to London in the next year and a half. I have a few deals in the UK. I just opened another scooter store here, and Princess has a new nail shop, but we can build our businesses from London. I just like the city, I like the people, the opportunities, and the values are a little different. I’ve been in Hollywood so long, I know what it comes with, I want my daughter to have a peaceful, happy life. But if she wants to be on TV, let’s rock ’n’ roll!”
In the meantime, fans can see how they made it through the entire on their upcoming VH1 baby special.
“It’s dedicated to Melody, we were like, ‘Hey, you’re in my belly!’” rejoiced Princess.  “We looked at different birthing techniques. There is one part of the show where Ray comes in wearing a wetsuit with the flippers because he was worried about a water birth. Spencer and Heidi Pratt are on giving us parenting tips, I texted her every other day, she had her baby naturally and was like, ‘You got this’ and giving me pointers like how to breathe, but her labor was about only about five hours! Mine was worth it in the end.”

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