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No More Drama: Amina Buddafly And Tara Wallace Mend Old Wounds



It was the love triangle that dominated Love & Hip Hop for several seasons — Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz, and Tara Wallace. But those days are long gone now, and Amina and Tara are much better for it.

It may have taken some time, but after spending years married to Peter Gunz, while he repeatedly cheated on her with his ex and babies’ mother Tara, Buddafly found the courage to fly far away from him … like thousands of miles away. Amina’s move to Los Angeles from New York allowed her to finally free herself of the toxic relationship with Gunz and all that came with it — negativity, anger, resentment … over time, Amina was able to let go of those feelings and heal herself. And with healing comes peace.

Now, that she’s in a better space, Amina has been able to focus on her music and motherhood. And those to forces collided on her new album “Mother”. The songstress recently held a listening session for the new project and guess who was there — Tara! Talk about a turn-around.

So of course when Amina stopped by HH for a chat we had to ask her about how she was able to get into a good place with the women she spent so much time bickering with. Check out the interview below…

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