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Here’s The Real Reason Cardi B Deleted Her Instagram…



If you’re looking for Cardi B on IG, this is what you’ll find.

Some folks think Cardi B deleted her page because Azealia Banks got the best of her. However, here’s the real tea.

In case you missed it, Cardi and Azealia got into a social media scuffle following these remarks Banks made on ‘The Breakfast Club’.


And while that tit-for-tat is enough for anyone to chuck the deuces, we think Cardi said bye-bye to IG for a much smarter reason — peace. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper is just two months away from giving birth and the last thing she needs to be concerned with is haters, negative energy and clap backs on Instagram.

So, while the outside world thinks CB took an L on this one, we’re sure the people closest to her are applauding the mature decision to put her baby’s health and well-being as the top priority. Kudos, Cardi!

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