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Another celebrity has officially cancelled Kanye. This time M.C. turned TV talk show host, Eve, expressed her frustration with Kanye’s recent controversial comments on “The Talk” this week.

As long time Yeezy fan, Eve told her co hosts his comments, “hurt her to her core”, mainly his sentiment that slavery sounded, “like a choice”.

“I can’t understand how a black man that was born on the south side of Chicago can have these ideas,” she said. Also pointing out that Ye’s mother Donda West, was an African- American Studies professor, adding even more irony to his emotional outburst.

To close Eve urged fans to, “Pick up some Nas, pick up some Damien Marley, pick up some J. Cole, pick up some Kendrick Lamar. Listen to these artists! I am done with Kanye!”

Mic Drop.

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