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Donald Glover’s Response To Receiving A Can Of Colt 45 Is Priceless



We just couldn’t help ourselves.

If you know anything about the upcoming Star Wars prequel Solo: A Star Wars Story then you know Donald Glover is playing the role of Lando Calrissien, originally played by the legendary Billy Dee Williams.

After our fun interview with Williams at the world premiere for Solo and he told us emphatically that “no one has his swag” we thought it would be cool to gift Glover with a cold can of Colt 45 during our interview about the film.

We also knew he would appreciate the gesture given he was born in the 80s and can probably vividly remember Billy in those TV commercials and telling the world “Don’t Let The Smooth Taste Fool You”.

We were also eagerly hoping upon getting a can, Glover would burst out the famous line. He didn’t but his response was still priceless.

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