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5 Reasons The ‘Black-ish’ Audience May Bail On The Show



Andre “Dre” Johnson and Rainbow “Bow” Johnson have hit a rough patch in their marriage and Black-ish fans are flabbergasted. There have been outcries on Twitter, anger on Instagram and veiled threats on every platform regarding a full on boycott of the comedy people have loved for the last four years. And unfortunately, if the Black-ish writers don’t repair the Bow and Dre union soon we think a large part of the audience may just bail, and here’s why:

1) Where da funny at? “Black-ish” by description is a comedy, so when you tune in you expect to laugh — not cry. Unfortunately, with the last few episodes there have definitely been more tears than tee-hees and now folks on Twitter are saying things like…


2) Too much, too soon. Many viewers also feel just like this tweeter…

3) Timing — Black people can’t take this right now! Look, in just the past week we’ve been disappointed by Kanye West, devastated by Bill Cosby and determined to take down R. Kelly — The Johnson family was supposed to be our respite. But alas, this new “serious” storyline is taking us down and right now is just not the time for it.

4) And in the midst of it all, you realize Zoe’s practically gone all the time and now, since Junior has graduated and is heading to Howard University, he’ll be absent a lot, too. That’s TWO key characters! Sorry, little Devante, you can’t fill those shoes.

5) And then there’s this. Yes, it comes out of left-field, but you know how quick a boycott can take-off. Let’s just hope this one is all bark and no bite.

Look, we can’t tell you what to do, but we can implore you to take a beat before you bail. Remember the show you feel in love with — don’t give up on it. And listen to Diane, she speaks truth in her tweets:

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