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4 Times Idris Elba Attempted A Music Career … And It Just Didn’t Work



Idris Elba is a modern-day renaissance man. He’s also resilient as hell, which is why, even though it’s never really been super successful, he keeps trying his hand at a music career.

It was recently announced that Elba will star, direct, produce and oversee the music for the new Hunchback of Notre Dame adaptation for Netflix. And that got us to thinking… First, Idris will be the hottest Hunchback we’ve ever seen #praisehandemoji. Second, Elba is like the little engine that could — he thinks he can, he thinks he can, he thinks he can (be a music star). The “Obsessed” actor even once stated, “… my music is so much more truthful about my art – me – than my acting is. Music comes from my soul. I can connect with you more through my music.”

Look, we all want to connect with Idris, but we’re not sure if music will be the way. He’s a few times when it just didn’t work:

1) This “Private Garden” video. Sorry, it was a no for us dawg.

2) Another no — the nickname “Driis”, which he used to drop his hip-hop EP “High Class Problems.”

3) K. Michelle’s “Rebellious Soul — The Musical” stage play. Look, we know he wasn’t the star, but he directed it, so we blame him.

4) This feature on D’Banj’s song “Confidential” … yea, noooo.

But look, it’s not all bad. It is Idris we’re talking about here. And while the singing/rapping may not be his ministry, DJ-ing seems to be going fairly well. The actor-turned-music artist has been successful all over Europe (and even a bit here in the States) DJ-ing in front of thousands of people. So, there’s that…

Bonus: Even though Elba is working on his rap skills, he’s not taking notes from any of the new mumble rappers — hell, he doesn’t even know some of the new rappers.

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