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Yikes! PETA Throws Shade & Shots At Vivica Fox For Wearing Fur



Y’all already know PETA don’t play, but Vivica Fox got that message los and clear on Thursday night when they shouted it right in her face.

While promoting her new book Every Day I’m Hustling at the Barnes & Noble store in Tribeca, Vivica was accosted by PETA protestors who were shooketh over her decision to sport fur. Never ones to hold their tongues, the oft-extreme animal rights activists began chanting, “stop being an animal killer … animal abuser … stop wearing fur,” all of which are normal mantras for PETA.

However, one girl took her disdain for the actress one step further and took a personal shot at Ms. Fox. “Stop trying to be relevant,” was shouted at Viv as she was cornered in the book store looking visibly annoyed. Now, PETA, that was a cheap shot — you can hate Vivica for wearing fur, but don’t come for her whole livelihood. Y’all took it one step too far.

Check out the video below…

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