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Why Khloe Kardashian Might Not Leave Tristan Thompson



Khloe Kardashian is just days away from giving birth to Tristan Thompson’s baby and instead of reveling in joy alongside the NBA player, she’s at home alone while her man is canoodling with other women.

On Tuesday evening, a series of videos surfaced of Thompson getting physical with several different women.

One visual, which was dated back to October, Tristan was spotted at a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. getting fresh with three ladies. A separate video shows the athlete this past weekend walking into his New York hotel with a woman around 5am and then leaving at 8pm.

But despite the public humiliation and ongoing chatter, there’s a good chance Kardashian will stay with her man. Here’s why:

History of being ride or die: During Khloe’s seven year marriage to Lamar Odom, Kardashian stood by the former Lakers player’s side throughout drug addiction and even cheating. Odom was troubled, but Kardashian took her vows seriously (as she should) and was with him through the hardest of times.

Is she aware of the cheating?: Considering one of the visuals is from October, there’s a good chance Khloe is aware of Tristan’s infidelities. Also, people are curious to know: Could the two have been on a break?

Father of first child: Then there’s the simple fact that Tristan is the father of her first child. Considering this is a dream for Kardashian, something tells us the support of a father in the home is important to the reality star.

Sincerely loves him: There’s no doubt Khloe is madly in love with Thompson, something that’s been unveiled via social media on several occasions. So maybe at the end of the day, love Trumps all. And lets be honest, this is no the first time Kardashian has had to deal with cheating men. So is her love strong enough to stand by the Cleveland star?

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