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Wendy Williams Invites The Clark Sister To Her Show After Receiving Public Dragging … Should The Go?



Wendy Williams never said sorry, but instead invited The Clark Sisters to sing on her show. Hmmm…

In an Instagram video posted to her Wendy Show account, the talk show host acknowledged that she pissed a few people off with her Clark Sisters shade. After stating that the gospel legends needed to “step their game up” — and subsequently being dragged within an inch of her life on social media for the statement — Williams claimed she meant no ill will towards the soulful sisters. However, she never said the words ‘I’m sorry.’

In leu of an actually apology, Wendy sang a few notes from one of their most popular songs and asked the sisters to “pack a few pretty dresses” and come sing “You Brought The Sunshine” on her talk show.

Wendy girl, you ain’t slick, this isn’t about paying homage to a legendary gospel group, this is about ratings, and that’s whack. To shade The Clark Sisters, then attempt to profit off of them is lame and transparent. Hopefully, The Clark Sisters will respectfully decline, but in the event they do show up, we hope they sing Wendy out of the building then through sone subtle COGIC shade for good measure!

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