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Wait … Did The Game Just Defend Fabolous And Condone Domestic Violence?!



The “bro code” must be strong as hell if The Game felt the need to come to the defense of Fabolous…

Just a week after news broke that the Brooklyn-born rapper had been arrested for aggravated assault and making terroristic threats towards his longtime girlfriend Emily Bustamante, The Game has decided to speak out and give his two cents on the situation.

The rapper, who apparently has a lot of downtime, bemoaned that the real tragedy in this domestic violence situation is the unfortunate way in which social media has contributed to the demise of Em and Fab’s family structure. The irony … he gave his opinion in a comment section on social media.

As expected, folks immediately pointed out that Game’s admonishment of social media failed to hold Fab accountable for allegedly punching the mother of his children in the face seven time, causing her to need reconstruction work on her two front teeth. Social media didn’t make Fab do that…

However, Game hopped back on Instagram to clarify his original sentiments by claiming the 90% of readers misunderstood his message.

We get what The Game is trying to say — it’s an unfortunate situation made worse by folks taking delight in their demise. But … and it’s a big BUT … none of this would be happening if John David Jackson (aka Fabolous) would keep his hands to himself (allegedly).

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