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Rob Kardashian Fears For Dream’s Safety Following Blac Chyna’s Six Flags Stroller Fight



Blac Chyna might have been swinging that stroller in order to protect baby Dream, but now her mama bear instincts are being used against her.

Blac’s baby daddy Rob Kardashian is apparently distraught and disturbed over the Six Flags stroller fight, so much so, that he may use the altercation as leverage in court. Sources say that Rob is worried for Dream’s safety and will most likely file legal docs soon asking the judge to give Chyna some hard and fast rules when it comes to how she cares for their daughter.

“She is just drama all the time,” a source tells PEOPLE about the 29-year-old former exotic dancer. “The family’s just relieved Rob isn’t involved with her anymore.” And even though Kardashian isn’t with Chyna he still wants to control how the men in her life get to engage with his 16-month-old baby girl. Blac is currently dating 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay, but Rob ain’t too happy about it and wants an order that states neither parent can introduce a boyfriend or girlfriend to the child unless the relationship lasts longer than 6 months. Seems fair, right?

Lastly, this whole incident may cost Chyna some cash as well. As it stands right now, Rob is responsible for 20k a month in child support, but because they share 50/50 custody, and Chyna makes more than him, he believes that dollar amount should be less … like waaaaay less. He’ll be asking the judge to reduce his payments in addition to all of his other request.

This may get ugly.

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