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#PoorMichelle Returns To Twitter … But This Time Michelle Has The Last Laugh!



Days later and folks are still talking about the Destiny’s Child reunion at Beychella. Unfortunately, some of that chatter has grown into the return of #PoorMichelle; a hashtag created to viciously point out ways in which Williams just doesn’t measure up to her DC3 counterparts.

You can’t deny that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle killed it during their 3-song Coachella set, but, if you feel so inclined, you can point out some moments were Michelle may have missed the mark. Like this time…

Or, as some have pointed out on Twitter, after all these years they still haven’t let Williams wear shorts…

Thankfully, the “Say Yes” gospel singer hasn’t let the haters get her down. Williams, who has been open with her past struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, is focused on positive vibes only and she has some sista girl support on Twitter as well!

We agree, no more “poor Michelle”, more like #BlessedMichelle.

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