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Nicki Minaj threw fans into a complete frenzy on Monday when she simply tweeted the number four. Instantly, people started to hypothesize about what the number meant; the general consensus being it’s related to an upcoming album.

But now, rapper Young Thug has been added to the list of conspiracies.

After Minaj posted her cryptic message, Thugger followed suit and tweeted the number three. People then began speculating that the two are about to drop a major collaboration. “Hold up this got to be a collaboration with nicki because he said they have a song coming out omfg,” one fan wrote.

And while many people are thrilled about the possible Nicki-Thugger collab, others are not here for it. “Keep your ‘3’ we just want Nicki’s,” someone tweeted.

Neither artist has confirmed or denied the speculation, but we can confirm that Nicki has been tucked away working on new music.

As for YT, he unveiled back in February that in honor of his deaf brother, he won’t be putting out any new music for a year. “I got a deaf brother, I got a brother who can’t hear or talk,” he said. “So I’m going to act deaf for a year, so I ain’t going to put no music out this year.”

If this indeed is a new banger featuring the two, we are going to take a wild guess that track was recored last year.

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