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Lil’ Mo is speaking out after defending her longtime friend and collaborator, Fabolous.

As previously reported, Fabolous was arrested earlier this month after allegedly punching the mother of his two children, Emily Bustamante, seven times in the face and threatening to kill her.

But as fans around the world digest the shocking information, it was Lil Mo who defended him.

During a recent interview with Revolt TV, the singer suggested after reaching out to Fab, she thinks something just doesn’t seem right. “I was just talking to him,” Mo said the day the news broke. “He’s good. I hit him up and said ’I love you.’ He hit me back and said ’I love you too and I appreciate you, Mo.’”

“I don’t know the logistics. Honestly, even though I’m a part of the culture, I don’t get involved in [gossip]. I know a lot of stuff is hype,” she explained. “How did they get this information? People have turned this thing from one thing to another. What the f—k is going on?”

And despite the severity of the alleged situation, Mo is still standing by his side. “I’m not letting him go out like that,” she explained. “I’ll Olivia Pope this situation before I let somebody take my brother down. Something don’t seem right.”

She added, “Something’s not adding up. I put myself in the situation. If I’m somewhere and my husband is beating me up and my dad and my husband are there, that’s not my dad and my brother no more.” She concludes with, “He didn’t work 20 years plus to go out like this.”

After her comments, however, Mo got blasted by social media users for daring to support an alleged abuser. But after being berated by dozens of people, Mo took to Twitter to further defend her stance.

“I said what i said. i’m not FOR anything. and i’m NOT against anyone. nothing to clean up. i won’t tear down anyone’s wall i help build or put their integrity and character in question! more prayer, less posting,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

She added, “SOME people super weird. one day they dickin next day they destroying!! unbelievable!! why are you even worried about shit you can’t flush!! just NOOZY!! so unbothered but so fcukin NOOZY and assuming. MYFB got damn.”

If convicted, the rapper, who apparently grew irate after learning Emily was in Los Angeles the same time he was, could face up to 3-5 years behind bars.

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