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Khloe Kardashian, along with the entire world, are now well aware of Tristan Thompson’s infidelities.

But prior to the string of videos showing Thompson canoodling with several different women and entering a hotel with another, Khloe was in denial about what would turn out to be the biggest cheating scandal of the year.

According to reports, Khloe new about Tristan’s wild night in NYC, but she believed the NBA player and soon to be baby’s father when he suggested nothing happened.

“Tristan’s story about the woman he was spotted getting very close to in a New York City nightclub has changed over the course of hours as videos of the two of them arriving at and leaving his hotel emerged,” a source told Us Weekly. “Khloé initially believed Tristan’s original story that he had only met [the woman] at the nightclub and nothing had happened.”

Things took a turn, however, when more evidence and information started to leak. “It was just a day of absolute turmoil for Khloé as videos emerged of Tristan and the woman arriving back at his New York City hotel and video of him with two other women in a hookah lounge,” the source explained.

The insider added, “She just doesn’t even recognize the person in those videos and is absolutely stunned. She never had any reason to not trust him.”

The source also suggested that despite the public humiliation, the reality star may stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers player because she “believes the baby will bring them closer together.”

Khloe, who is set to give birth any day now, was reportedly having early contractions late Wednesday afternoon — something that could have been stemmed from stress.

Kardashian is currently in Cleveland waiting to meet she and Thompson’s bundle of joy. Meanwhile, the big cheating scandal will not stop Khloe from enjoying the best moment of her life. Per one report, she will let Tristan into the delivery room.

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