As previously announced, Toni’s hitting the road for a 45 city tour for her new album “Sex & Cigarettes,” her first solo album in 8 years, and sisters Tamar and Traci were set to be opening acts.

Now it seems Traci has been pulled from the bill. Toni’s offered no official reason for the change, but sources connected tell the site the fam believe Tamar’s behind the axing.

Apparently Tamar’s beefing with her sisters and mother over the way they’ve been treating her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, on their reality show. She thinks the show’s been edited to vilify him.

The news isn’t so shocking considering Tamar’s tumultuous relationship with her sisters. But considering Traci is dropping a new album and planned to perform those songs one can only imagine that something major had to happen to get her dropped.

Still, Tamar’s team is denying she had anything to do with it. Tamar and Toni also posted sweet messages wishing Traci a happy birthday today.

Something tells us this is either a PR stunt for their WeTv reality show Braxton Family Values or the ladies patched things up over Easter dinner and Traci will be added back in 3,2,1…