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By now you know Drake is emotional. So it should come as no surprise that he was in his feelings when fans had some disparaging things to say about his new look.

On Tuesday eve, Drizzy posted a photo of himself sporting a grey ombre-toned durag and before you know it fans started letting him have it in the comment section.

kiing_densonDude wrote: “look like drake with a concussion”

After one too many negative comments, Drake decided to leave a comment of his own, clapping back at the haters. “Wowwwwwww it’s crazy to see how much people hate on how fleek I look in this gradient dueyyyy,” he wrote before deleting the post all together.

We’re not sure what exactly he said in the rest of the comment as he goes off into some sort of Jamaican patrois. Shoutout to @iamdjaya for the breakdown tho.

“It’s crazy how you guys are hatin on how good I look,” she posted breaking down his comment. “I’ve had a look at your profiles, your boyfriends are nobodies. And are from hoods with no street credibility.”

Ahhhhh, now it makes sense!

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