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Diva In Disguise: Rihanna Wears Face-Mask To Evade The Beyhive!



Who else could look this good with a face-mask on? Furthermore, who could do it and not pass out it 90 degree heat?! One answer — Rihanna.

Like so many of us, Bad Gal RiRi is a Beyonce fan. But unlike most of us, she’s a megastar that commands attention everywhere she goes. This is why the pop singer showed up to Beychella rocking a full on face-mask in an attempt to go incognito.

Although she failed at flying under the radar (fans spotted her instantly), she stayed this a knit Gucci balaclava, which Harper’s Bazaar noted was, “designed as a reference to a Japanese dance-drama called Kabuki where performers wear elaborate, theatrical make-up.”

If you can recall, this isn’t Ri Ri’s first time face-masking it up at ‘Chella. She donned a full body cover and some Gucci swag at the 2017 festival as well. Clearly, this is becoming her thing…

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