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It looks like Vivica Fox is moving past her beef with ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent.

During an interview with CBS Express, the actress and author opened up about the ongoing public feud between she and the New York rapper.

While discussing her new book, “Everyday I’m Hustling,” she explained, “He’s in the book, he’s part of my life … In my opinion there is not any feud anymore. We got peace.”

Fox added, “I’m not feuding with him. I wish him continued success.”

Just last month, ahead of the release of her new publication, an excerpt was released detailing her sex life when she and Fiddy were an item. According to Vivica, she not only was the the sexual aggressor, but apparently the rapper was way more concerned about his career than getting laid.

“Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” she apparently wrote. Fox even suggested that although she “cherished” the intimate moments, they rarely surpassed PG-13.

In response, 50 wrote on Instagram: “I’m waking up to this shit, that was14 years ago … Smh who does this? What the f*ck!” He then added, “Don’t say it’s good [eggplant emoji], d*** don’t make you do s*** like this. I did take a blue pill one time and had her ass in the matrix’s.”

This was not the first time the pair had scuffled on social media. In fact just last year, Vivica seemingly insinuated that Fiddy is gay. Meanwhile, the rapper has thrown lots of shade at Fox about a slew of things, including her looks.

But now, 14 years after calling it quits on a short lived romance from 2003, it looks like the two are A-ok.

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