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Christian Clapback! Wendy Williams Gets Checked Over Shading The Clark Sisters



Wendy, how what is you doin’?

The talk show host, who has a tendency to bring all the hateration to the dancery, went waaaay left on her show Wednesday while congratulating Snoop Dogg for having the number one gospel album in the country. Instead of keeping it happy and holy, Williams opted for sinful shade by insinuating that gospel singing group, The Clark Sisters should be mad at Snoop’s success, also saying they should “step up their game.”

It wasn’t long before the Christian community gave Wendy a righteous reading, and rightfully so.

But no dragging was more epic then the one delivered by gospel singer, and daughter of Clark Sister member Karen Clark Sheard, Kierra Sheard. The 30-year-old took to Instagram to defend her family and provide receipts.

These women have done more than number 1 on the charts. Their lives have matched what they sing about. Somehow they’ve managed to sing about #Jesus in one of the smallest, but most effective genres of music, have influenced masses and influenced those who influence the masses. In addition, they’ve managed to take their message to some of the world’s most biggest platforms and their message still translates through generations. Not to mention those they’ve mentored and managed to genuinely pray and show concern for you, when YOU passed out; while the world waited for your demise. Be careful who you come for. Not everyone is worth it!! This is a different caliber of people. We pray you have peace of mind and successful rest. #receipts #facts #number1FemaleGospelGroup #theClarkSisters #Wendy #TheWendyShow


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