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Black Twitter Goes In On White Bread Crowd Using N- Word During Migos Set



It’s a conversation that is never ending: Why white people cannot say the N word.

That very discussion was a topic via Twitter over the weekend after White folks at Coachella (which we should note was the majority) thought it was ok to shout out the N-word during Migos’ set.

The rap group hit the Sahara stage at the Coachella Valley Music Festival on Sunday night and performed some of their hits including “Higher We Go,”  “Day Ones” and “Open It Up.”

Unfortunately, it seemed to be a bust from the start. Not only did they come out thirty minutes late, but there were serous audio issues. But that was nothing compared to the amount of N-words you heard being yelled throughout the field. Needless to say, Black Twitter had some words. 

Sound off: Should white folks pause when the word comes up?

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