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And The Reunion Keeps Rolling On … Is Destiny’s Child Here To Stay?



Oh, y’all thought it was just for Beychella? Nope, think again. Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly look like they want to take DC3 on the road!

Following their TWO successful weekends killing it at Coachella, the Destiny’s Child trio took their talents to West Hollywood and made an appearance at designer Peter Dundas’ store opening on Tuesday night.

According to a source, “The girls all left together. Michelle was towards the back and headed out quickly so as not to be seen. She was smiling and looked great in a little black dress. She was really happy. When Kelly got in the car it was a bit chaotic and Beyonce said, ‘I’m just going to go around the car.’ When the other side was crazy as well she laughed and joked, ‘OK, never mind.’ No one knew she was going to be there.”

That’s cute and all but does this mean we’re getting more DC3 in the future … tour? album? something??!! Well, we don’t know. Ha! But, Michelle did talk to E! about their little girls’ night out and seemed thrilled that they were just able to hang like buddies. “We did have a ladies’ night! That was so much fun. We have a great relationship off the stage, so it’s just simple texts like, ‘Hey, I’m going to this event tonight. Let’s go hang out.'” She continued, “We haven’t lived in the same city since the year 2000 when we were all living in Houston.”

Look, if y’all in the same city now, just go ahead and record some dang music! OK?!

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